See What People Are Saying About Wunderlich Chiropractic

I have been dealing with my back pain ...

“I have been dealing with my back pain and going to chiropractors since I was 2 weeks old. Dr. Matt by far is the best! He’s the only one that treats the muscles before adjusting his patients, in turn making adjustments so much easier. I continue to follow Dr. Matt even when my insurance changed and he's not on that provider list…yet. The convenience of walk-in appointments also makes one’s busy life much easier to be treated.”

    -Brenda Popp

When I started with Dr. Wunderlich, I was having migraines 4-5 times a month ...

“When I started with Dr. Wunderlich, I was having migraines 4-5 times a month and had regular headaches lasting for days. Within one month of seeing him, I was migraine-free and my daily headaches were down to monthly. The combination of his adjustments and his guidance in natural vitamins has made my life more enjoyable and less dependent on over-the-counter medications.”

    -Stacy Zimmerman

I came to Dr. Wunderlich's office after reading an ad in the newspaper about ...

"I came to Dr. Wunderlich's office after reading an ad in the newspaper about an "option other than drugs and surgery that really works in helping carpal tunnel patients be pain-free." After only 8 weeks of Dr. Wunderlich's spinal adjustments along with my following the advice of his booklet, "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Care Recommendations," I am pain-free after having many years of carpal tunnel syndrome problems.

Another plus for me is that the adjustments, along with my doing the excellent "stretches" outlined in the booklet got rid of the neck and lower back pain I had.

I will keep doing the stretches—they take about 15 minutes a day and are like "meditation" to me and very relaxing.

I am very lucky to have "found" Dr. Wunderlich. ”

    -Maryann M. Heil

My story of chiropractic care started 8 years ago as the result of a car accident ...

“ My story of chiropractic care started 8 years ago as the result of a car accident. The regular chiropractic treatments I received and at-home stretches I was shown helped me regain mobility in my neck and back. When I moved to Madison, my former chiropractor recommended Dr. Matt Wunderlich to continue my occasional “tune-up” appointments with. Over time, I learned that chiropractic care does more than keep my neck and back well aligned.

A few years ago I started experiencing numbness in my hand. A medical doctor diagnosed me with carpal tunnel and said surgery could be in my future. I then went to Dr. Wunderlich, and he concluded it was actually Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and was caused by a posture I was holding at work. After just the first treatment there was a significant relief in the numbness, and regular treatments for the next several weeks brought continued progress until, once again, the issue was resolved by occasional treatments and a simple at-home stretch. While I respect medical doctors for their knowledge, I was upset that I was misdiagnosed and brushed off as just another carpal tunnel surgery candidate. I am very grateful that Dr. Wunderlich took the time to assess my symptoms and how my posture at work was enabling the numbness. I am still impressed with Dr. Wunderlich's correct diagnosis and his know-how to treat and prevent the numbness from returning!

This past summer I started having shoulder pain and restricted mobility. I didn't even bother with an MD appointment and instead went straight to the chiropractor's office! Once again, Dr. Wunderlich's care and at-home recommendations restored my body, and his invaluable expertise provided insight on how I was misusing and overusing my shoulder.

Chiropractic care has been a blessing for helping my body stay functional despite injuries and misuse. I have received care from 3 different chiropractors and discovered that the methods of adjusting my body were the same, but the technique and at-home advice varied. I continued care at the group practice when Dr. Wunderlich started his own practice. After a few treatments still at the group practice, I concluded my new chiropractor was nice but did not have the complete approach I was accustomed to. Dr. Wunderlich's technique provides the best and most instantaneous relief for me, and he is worth going out-of-network for my insurance. I highly recommend Dr. Matt Wunderlich. He is extremely dedicated to his patients and wants everyone to be pain free and functioning well. I love that he recommends at-home exercises for stretching and strengthening to maximize his treatments and my quality of life.

My advice is if you experience pain, tightness, numbness, those pesky kinks that happen from working hard and playing hard, and even sinus trouble, seek out a chiropractor appointment. There are many chiropractors in the Madison area, so you are sure to find one that meets your needs. In my opinion, Dr. Wunderlich is the best, bar none. ”

    -Dimitria Van Straten

My entire family appreciates the relaxed and caring atmosphere ...

“My entire family appreciates the relaxed and caring atmosphere at Wunderlich Chiropractic and here are a few reasons why:

First, Dr. Wunderlich was able to relieve my pain that I had been experiencing for over a year. Before seeing Dr. Wunderlich, I spent a lot of time and money as a patient of two other chiropractors that were unsuccessful in relieving my pain.

Second, he makes it affordable to get the care that we need.

Third, he truly likes children. As a mom this is important to me. The fact that my kids are comfortable makes my visits easier and it makes the kids comfortable when they need chiropractic care.

Fourth, he has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share, but he is never pushy.

Finally, I appreciate the fact that Dr. Wunderlich does not require appointments. My schedule changes daily and knowing that I don't have to work around a set appointment time makes it even easier to get the care that my family needs.

Thank you Dr. Wunderlich!”

    -Rebekah Anderson

My home is on the Yahara River. I "should be" a good fisherman ...

“My home is on the Yahara River. I “should be” a good fisherman and an avid boater. Key words are “should be”. I catch very few fish off of the pier, and seem to spend too much time dealing with engine malfunctions. I sold the pontoon last summer.

To make matters worse, my last 2 severe back injuries were caused by moving a pier, and lifting a boat and trailer onto a hitch.

The problem solved quickly and efficiently with a few adjustments from Dr. Matt.

I've gone to other chiropractors in the past, but feel Dr. Matt has been the best.”

    -Tom Tully

Dr. Wunderlich is a great chiropractor. I have fibromyalgia ...

“Dr. Wunderlich is a great chiropractor. I have fibromyalgia and his treatments have helped tremendously. His adjustments as well as suggestions of other homeopathic or general lifestyle choices have helped with this condition. Dr. Wunderlich has definitely helped me get control over the nagging symptoms that I have suffered with over the past few years.”

    -Dawn Anderson

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help and relief ...

“ Dear Dr. Wunderlich,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help and relief you've given my 16 year old daughter. She suffers from Joint Laxity and Hyper Mobility Syndrome so her pain can get out of control quickly. It's nice to know we can just jump in the car any time and get help on a moment's notice—without having to wait for an appointment. I also wanted to pass along her thoughts, in her own words.

“Well first of all, his last name, Wunderlich, is awesome. He's a really great guy to be honest. He's a really nice, caring person and he actually cares about your pain. I've never been to a chiropractor before so I was a little lost on what he was going to do in order to fix my back pain. I didn't know what to expect! My mom told me that he was a great chiropractor so I decided to give him a try. When I got there, he basically told me that he was going to try and loosen up my back by cracking it so my muscles and joints are not in big knots all the time. We weren't quite sure why my back was in so much pain all the time, so I got an x-ray and it turns out my back has a kink in it. My back literally twists to the left, and it's really painful. He is always really gentle with me because he understands that I am in pain.”


Ronna and Taylor Nyman ”

    -Ronna and Taylor Nyman

My chiropractic journey began with an automobile accident ...

“My chiropractic journey began with an automobile accident when I was twenty-two-years-old. The bruises and abrasions were quick to heal, but the soreness in my back and neck lingered for months. The painkillers prescribed functioned as advertised, but only treated the symptoms and not the root cause. The side effects of the medications began to affect my daily living. I was drowsy, had difficulty concentrating, and was unable to drive. A friend suggested I try chiropractic to address the underlying issue without drugs. After 30 days, I no longer needed pain medication, my neck and back was healing, and I started to get my life back. Months later, despite being asymptomatic, I decided to continue with maintenance because it kept me feeling in top form.

Some consider chiropractic as “alternative” medicine, but I consider it “complementary.” There are those who criticize continuing to see a chiropractor on a routine basis for maintenance, but think nothing of seeing a dentist for regular check-ups, X-rays, and cleanings. I believe that regular visits to my chiropractor keep me healthy and less likely to use my MD.

My family all utilizes chiropractic, I currently work in a chiropractor's office, and my daughter just received her Doctorate of Chiropractic. I'm in my fifties, live an active and healthy life, and am on no prescription medications. I recommend chiropractic to everyone.”

    -Chris Noble

I have always been very reluctant to go to a chiropractor ...

“ Dear Dr. Wunderlich,

I have always been very reluctant to go to a chiropractor. A good friend of mine (who is a patient of yours) who I play disc golf with strongly encouraged me to go see you because of all the problems I have had with my back. One of my biggest concerns was having to go every week for the rest of my life.

After visiting you for only 6 weeks, my back felt better than it had in years. AND you told me--I didn't have to see you anymore for treatments-unless it bothered me again.

Dr. Wunderlich you are a "wonder"!

Thank You,

Dan Schreiber ”

    -Dan Schreiber

I slipped on ice when I was approximately 29 years old ...

“ I slipped on ice when I was approximately 29 years old. My doctor told me to rest. Ten plus years later I continued to have lower back pain and then also started experiencing sciatica pain down my leg. Rest did not work. Then we tried PT. This helped, but only for short periods of time. Then my doctor prescribed spinal injections of steroid to kill the pain. After three of these I finally asked the question … why aren’t these shots working? It was then explained that the shots were only to help with the pain, not correct the problem.

Frustrated I went back to my regular doctor and he finally suggested I try the chiropractic approach. I scheduled my appointment at a clinic that accepted my insurance and became a patient of Dr. Matthew Wunderlich. After a full evaluation including x-rays, Dr. Wunderlich figured out the issue and got to work. Within a week I was feeling so much better. I went in almost daily at first and tapered down to once a week. After about 2 months I was done. It’s been years since I've had any sciatica pain at all. No more spinal injections or PT. Just normal healthy life style and some common sense have kept my sciatica at bay. I am a huge fan of this practice now that I have more of an understanding for it and can say first hand that it works.

Thanks Dr. Matt!!! ”

    -Lisa Learish

Off and on for years I have had sporadic back tightness and pain and never knew exactly why ...

“ Off and on for years I have had sporadic back tightness and pain and never knew exactly why. In past years I would go to a massage therapist and get a massage. This would help some but I never felt "healed" after the massage.

In 2011, I met Matt Wunderlich through networking and learned a lot from him about what chiropractic was all about. In January of 2012, my pain and tightness returned so I decided to give Dr. Wunderlich a try. I was really happy about his professionalism and how he explained the possible causes of my discomfort. He also took x-rays that further showed the root of my issues. I began a regiment of adjustments that slowly but surely got me feeling great again. Now that I understand what chiropractic is all about and from my experiences I would recommend it to anyone! ”

    -Kenn Ogunsola

My first child was born 45 years ago in September and it was a very hard delivery ...

“ My first child was born 45 years ago in September and it was a very hard delivery…He was in today's standards too big of a baby for me to have. However, the doc that was my OB doc made the decision to go ahead and let me have him with a block and forceps. The birth again was very hard on both of us.

My baby had many marks on his head from the pulling of the forceps. The first couple of nights at home seemed like the worst nights possible. He screamed in pain and would just not sleep at all. The only way I could get any sleep was with him on my chest. We took him into the pediatrician and he put my son on a beautiful red medicine that made him sleep so sound, it was amazing. I called my mom to tell her all about the new med and she asked me to read what it said on the bottle. Now, being very young and naïve, I did not know what phenobarbital was. She told me to stop giving him the medicine and take him to the Gonstead Clinic in Mount Horeb, WI. We had actually been going to see Dr. Gonstead himself before he stopped working.

They took x-rays and showed us how the forceps had pulled on his neck and it seemed to be damaged. So after one, just one, adjustment he slept all night and the screaming in pain stopped.

We did take him back after that for one more treatment. He is now a beautiful son and father and we knew it was a savior in our lives to have taken him in. ”

    -Karen Walford

I just wanted to share my chiropractic story ...

“ I just wanted to share my chiropractic story. I never went to a chiropractor until maybe 5 years ago. My husband Roger had been going to chiropractors for years and it did not sound like a pleasant experience. He talked about getting cracked. Didn't sound nice to me. Then someone recommended Roger go to see Dr. Wunderlich and he was really happy with his care. I was in a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders, and was tired of taking so much ibuprofen. I decided to give Dr. Wunderlich a try. He did x-rays and an exam and told me that my spine was crooked. Looked like I had prior whiplash or some other injury. I couldn't think of what could have happened, but Dr. Wunderlich said he could help. I told him I was scared, and he told me he would take it easy on me. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I was sore for a few days, and went back several times. I really started to feel better. As Dr. Matt says he gets things moving again. He has helped me with neck and shoulder pain, hip and lower back pain, and also helped me with carpal tunnel in both wrists.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic care and also Dr. W. I trust him and what he does! Thanks Dr. Matt for keeping me moving!! ”

    -Michelle Engelhart

I had injured my back numerous times lifting things incorrectly ...

“ I had injured my back numerous times lifting things incorrectly. For years I went to another unnamed chiropractor in the Madison area, sometimes I'd get better other times worse. I finally gave up treatment and suffered in pain for five years thinking it was a medical issue.

After five years of rolling out of bed and pursuing other treatments I decided to try chiropractors again and went to Matt on a recommendation. At the first meeting he diagnosed my issue and corrected my condition in a short amount of time. I can't believe I suffered for five years since leaving the other chiropractic provider.

Thank you Matt! ”

    -Kurt Messner

I'm a believer! Yes, I'm a believer couldn't leave 'him' if I tried ...

“ I'm a believer! Yes, I'm a believer couldn't leave 'him' if I tried. Familiar lyrics? :) Unfamiliar to me was the word Chiropractor. I sustained an injury to my lower back which sent me in a new, unfamiliar direction…right to the office of Matthew Wunderlich. Although I had no idea what had happened or why I was in such discomfort, or more honestly PAIN, I knew I needed a professional that could literally get me back on my feet, I found him. Matt's first words were “I can help you. Together we're going to get you back on your feet”. It was wonderful hearing those positive words but honestly, I was scared. I guess it's rather natural to fear the unknown. The only thing I really knew, or should I say assumed, was that this young man was going to assist me onto a table and I was probably going to experience my first back 'crack'…. which sounded like more pain, exactly what I was trying to get relief from. Little did I know how the feared 'crack' was going to become my best friend.

Matt has provided me with instruction on how to strengthen my back and has played a vital role in keeping me pain free and on my feet. I deeply appreciate his professional manner and have truly enjoyed getting to know him.

Would I recommend him…YES!

Have I recommended him…ABSOLUTELY ”

    -Beth Anderson

I've known I've wanted to be a chiropractor since I was 17 years old ...

“ I've known I've wanted to be a chiropractor since I was 17 years old. In high school I had to interview a professional in the career I was interested in, and after spending 30 minutes with a chiropractor, I knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I went on to college and then chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University, the same school Dr. Wunderlich went to. I never looked back.

I have seen chiropractic do some amazing things. Personally, it has helped me tremendously with headaches and especially asthma. This past August I needed to find somewhere to intern for my last clinical experience at chiropractic school before graduating. I wanted to find a doctor who would teach me how to open up a practice and run a business instead of focusing solely on chiropractic technique. Dr. Wunderlich has more than exceeded my expectations.

I can't even begin to express how grateful I am to be learning from him. He has taken me under his wing and shown me EVERYTHING I need to know about running a clinic. He has answered my countless questions, given me all the advice he wishes someone had given him, had the patience of a saint when I made mistakes and has been an amazing teacher. He has been a role model and mentor for me, and I know that I will always be able to ask him questions when I open up my own practice. I know that people think it's hard to find a good chiropractor. When it comes to Dr. Wunderlich, it's not hard at all. I can tell you that he really cares about the people that work for him just as much as his patients. He truly wants everyone to be their best and will do anything he can to make that possible. He is a great chiropractor, father and person. In my opinion, there is no better choice.

Dr. Wunderlich is the kind of chiropractor that I want to be. I couldn't ask for a better learning experience and I feel so lucky to have met him. I hope that I can make him proud when I open up my own clinic this year. ”

    -Dr. Steph Noble D.C.

I have been a patient of Matt's on and off for about 8 years ...

“ I have been a patient of Matt's on and off for about 8 years. During this period he has mainly treated me for recurring mid-back and neck issues resulting from a car accident over 20 years ago. Recently however, I found that Matt's chiropractic care was for more than just your typical back issues.

For several months I had been experiencing pain in my foot especially when I ran. The pain became worse to the point that I could hardly take the dog around the block for a walk. It seemed like it was time to have my foot seen by a Sports Med Doctor. After a visit and an MRI he determined that I had something called “Hallux Rigidus” a disorder similar to arthritis of the joint located at the base of the big toe. It causes pain and stiffness in the joint, and with time it gets increasingly harder to bend the toe. I was fitted with a very expensive orthotic and was told there wasn't a whole lot else we could do.

On a visit to Matt, he noticed the limp I had and asked what was going on. I explained to Matt the condition and the prognosis. Much to my surprise he responded that “I might be able to help.” I remember saying, “you treat toes too?” He explained the adjustment and as it turned out it was simple, painless, and most importantly effective. After just a couple of toe adjustments there was noticeable relief. At this point nearly a year later, I am able to walk and run with minimal pain. While I realize the condition will never completely go away, the period adjustments have given the toe joints the necessary mobility to function with minimal pain when I walk.

Another ailment that I never considered chiropractic treatment for was sinus infections/headaches. In the past I have had some ongoing issues with sinuses during the winter months. Apparently sounding quite nasally on a visit to Matt's, he told me he had an adjustment for sinuses too. I was skeptical but willing to try anything at that point, so I gave it a shot. All I can say is have lots of tissues available after the adjustment because my sinuses drained for quite a bit after I left the office. The chiropractic adjustment provided instant and lasting relief to what was an ongoing problem. ”

    -John Englehardt