Wunderlich Chiropractic Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

Personally Identifying Information

Wunderlich Chiropractic does not collect personal information such as names, addresses, or email addresses unless you wish to sign up for a consulting or treatment, in which case we must collect minimal contact information. If we notice errors in customer queries, we may investigate the queries and discuss with customer to make sure the errors could be fixed. We understand the confidentiality concerns that surround intellectual property. None of this information will be shared with outside companies.

Log Files and Analytics

We may collect site-usage data, in the form of log files, for the purposes of bug fixing and to improve our site. We may also use third party web analytics software, such as Google Analytics, to be able to analyze and improve the experience of our customers. Google Analytics uses a cookie that collects anonymous traffic data.

Terms of Use

Access of the Wunderlich Chiropractic database and site in an automated manner is not permitted, and may result in banning from the site, as well as legal action. Data from this site may not be resold or redistributed. Wunderlich Chiropractic reserves the right to ban users from this site, whether using automated means or not, if, in our sole opinion, they are abusing our data or database.